Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Questions By Richard Deane, Amer Musleh & Mohammad Musleh

Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Questions

By Richard Deane, Amer Musleh & Mohammad Musleh

  • Release Date: 2012-02-25
  • Genre: Chemistry
Score: 4
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Is Organic Chemistry Hard????

Look no further…

Organic Chemistry: Reactions and Questions is not your average book. It features some of the newest tools in learning that take regular 2D-book-reading to a 3D level. Using Apple's multi-interactive book widgets, learning organic chemistry could not have been easier. Master the one class that people fear in college, in easy to read language, interactive mechanisms, and lots of practice. Sample tests are provided with handwritten answers, so you can learn with real practice tests. Practice leads to perfection, all it takes it a bit of your time. Use the toolbox in this book to help you study for your exams efficiently. Learn Organic Chemistry the way it is supposed to be learnt. Use this book to elevate your score, and receive the grade you want.

Topics include:

Organic structures,
Molecular orbitals and cyclohexane,
Radical reactions and chirality,
Substitution and elimination reaction,
Rearrangement reactions and alcohols,
Reduction, oxidation, alkene, and alkyne reactions,
Stability and conjugation of molecules,
Pericyclic reactions,
Benzene reactivity,
Carbonyl chemistry,
Amino acids and carbohydrates.

The "My Toolbox" chapter focuses on ALL the important areas of Organic Chemistry. It provides easy access to all reactions and mechanisms acting as the perfect study guide.

Our Mission:
Allowing every student the equal opportunity to achieve a decent grade in organic chemistry, by teaching the subject the way is should be taught…interactively. Organic chemistry is a visual class. You cannot see molecules in 2D on the blackboard, it needs to be experienced 3D with hands-on Interactive widgets, like the ones seen in the book.

View every reaction mechanism in clarity, with full screen mechanism that are structured like flashcards for the perfect review.

Do not waste time! 

If you're studying for your college organic chemistry class or your upcoming MCAT exam, use this book to get the grade you want!

Download the sample and give it a try!


  • Definitely Worth It

    By PremierSolutions
    This book is well written and is very appealing. It is easy to use and the widgets make the book interactive and fun. All the widgets and galleries make learning Organic Chemistry easier and quicker to review, all I need is the Toolbox chapter and i am good to go. This book provides an easy way to obtain a perfect score on the exams or the MCAT. I personally have tried the ACE books, but did not like them, they covered minimal material enough to obtain an average grade, not an A or even a B. With this book I can say I performed well on the MCAT and received a very good score. This book is definitely worth it. It's the best on the market.
  • Great book

    By k1ngk1ll3r
    The book was not plain, or boring. It has a flawless design and is Very colorful and interactive, which makes learning easier. Every topic in OChem is fully covered and it has every mechanism and reaction in a easy to use review setting. The toolbox is great, I used it for my organic chemistry final and I think I aced it, the toolbox was perfectly constructed to provide everything you need to know about a topic on each page. I have bought other books out there, but this is the best book I have seen so far! Great job!
  • Very helpful!!

    By aroro34
    I have tried many different review books for organic chemistry and this one is definitely the most helpful book I tried. It makes learning a little more interesting and much easier to learn. I used the book to study for my MCATs and I can say I aced that part on the test. Best book ever!!
  • The best organic chemistry book ever!!!!

    By theteddybear9
    This book makes learning organic chemistry easy and fun. It doesn't just explain the concepts, they have plenty of practice questions and practice exams that get you ready for your exam. This book can honestly replace your $200 organic chemistry textbook. i would definitely recommend this to any one in organic chemistry.
  • Definitely worth it!

    By Sheri31
    I did not think at first there was any book out there that would be able to help in organic chemistry. I was studying for my exams and didn't know what to do. After trying this book I found it very helpful. I love how everything I easily laid out, the chapters are not too in depth and focus on all the key points. The reactions and mechanisms are provided really easily, just by the swipe of a finger, that really help me to study quicker. The graphics are great and the design is flawless. I would definitely recommend this book to all upcoming organic chemistry students, current ones, and MCAT students. Amazing!